Supporting Independent Historical Research, Education and Preservation

HistoryTec in a non-profit organization which supports independent historical research, education and
preservation projects of interest to the general public. Preference will be given to projects that have difficulty
attracting research support from standard public and private sources such as academia and government.  

HistoryTec offers support to projects in two ways.  For certain select projects HistoryTec will act as a partial
funding source.  However, most of HistoryTec's resources are directed toward actual participation in projects.
We will offer help at nearly any stage of a project, but we specialize in providing the following services to

Advanced imaging and image analysis
Informatics and statistical analysis
* Stone surface age estimates

                                                    Scope of Work

While HistoryTec will consider working on any deserving historical project, our efforts are focused on two
topic areas:

Judeo Christian Origins:
* Pre-Columbian European Interaction with the Americas

While HistoryTec is open to working on a broad range of projects within these two general topic areas,
HistoryTec resources are currently concentrated on a few specific projects within these two broad areas.  
Click above on the associated links to learn more about what we are currently doing in these two areas.

                                                 Working with HistoryTec

HistoryTec is a Minnesota 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt non-profit organization.  As such, in order to fulfill our
mission we need your tax-deductible

Most of HistoryTec's resources are consumed on projects selected by HistoryTec in consultation with outside
experts.  However, we can accept a limited number of requests for support for additional projects that fit our
priorities and service offerings.   Generally, recipients of HistoryTec services will be asked to make a
contribution commensurate with the level of services they receive.  We are very aware that many of those
seeking our help will be operating on limited budgets.  Therefore we attempt to keep our expenses  and
overhead as low as possible.

contact us if you would like to discuss a potential project.
History: Noun - The study of past events, particularly in human affairs

Tec: Noun, Slang - Detective